PharmaDur Drug Release Studies

A water insoluble drug (Clotrimazole) and a very water-soluble drug (nonoxynol-9) were selected as model compounds for evaluating their release profiles from PharmaDur® polymer under sink conditions.  Studies of clotrimazole release from a PharmaDur® film & 4% Polycarbophil® (Noveon™ AA-1) gel were done in 1:1 PEG 400/water mixture at room temperature.  The study of nonoxynol-9 release from the PharmaDur® film was done in normal saline. Concentration of the compound in the dissolution medium was monitored at different time intervals by ultraviolet spectroscopy using a placebo control.

CONCLUSION:  PharmaDur® polymer exhibited controlled release of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic model compounds for more than 48 hours following a Fickian diffusive transport.