Core Technology

The PharmaDur® technology is based on novel graft copolymers having a combination of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic characteristics. Formulation of a drug with PharmaDur® polymer can significantly improve its performance, when used topically at a mucosal or dermal site of the body. The key areas of performance improvement are drug effectiveness & safety and patient convenience & compliance. The performance improvement is attributed to PharmaDur® polymer’s unique combination of bioadhesion and controlled release capability. These properties enable formulation of pharmaceutical and personal care products, which exhibit long lasting effectiveness while minimizing or eliminating toxic and undesirable side effects.

The PharmaDur® polymer that has been the subject of most of the development to date is poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide-co-acrylic acid-co-polystyrene ethyl methacrylate). The polymer exhibits microphase separation with a hydrophilic/hydrophobic domain system. The structural and morphological features of the polymer determine its unique physical properties. It is can absorb ~ 20 times its weight of water in an aqueous environment to form a swollen hydrogel. PharmaDur® polymer can provide sustained release of both water-insoluble as well as water-soluble active agents for an extended period of time in the biological environment.

Dosage forms in which PharmaDur® polymer can be formulated are:

  • Aqueous emulsion, solution, and gel for dermal product applications.
  • In situ gelling non-aqueous solution for mucosal product applications.
  • Bioadhesive aqueous liquigel solution for ophthalmic drug delivery.

The PharmaDur® technology is covered by two issued U. S. patents and a pending international patent application.