Skincare and Transdermal Formulations

When a dermatological vehicle, e.g. cream, lotion, or a gel, formulated with PharmaDur® polymer is applied to skin, it forms an imperceptible and invisible hydrogel film ("An Invisible Patch").  The PharmaDur® polymer film is non-tacky, non-greasy, has a very smooth feel, does not exhibit flaking or skin stretchiness, and is breathable.  It is characterized by excellent bioadhesion to skin and diffusion controlled release of the active agent as well as skin penetration enhancers).  Because PharmaDur® polymer is very hydrophilic, it also helps to moisturize the skin, which is an added benefit.  PharmaDur® serves as a skin delivery system for actives.  PharmaDur® can provide long lasting treatment (Once/day application) because the polymer and the active is retained on skin for 24 + hours.  

PharmaDur® Performance Attributes

  • Forms imperceptible hydrogel film on skin. (“Invisible Patch”)
  • Retains active @ the site of application & provides sustained release of active agent.
  • Provides long lasting treatment (Once/day application)
  • Improves bioavailability of the drug.
  • Significantly enhances (~ 2 fold) efficacy of a penetration enhancer in skin permeation of actives.
  • Skin Moisturizing.
  • Prevents transfer of active to fingers, clothing, towels, and bed linen.
  • May decrease skin irritation potential of active.
  • May increase effectiveness of the active compared to the conventional cream/lotion formulations.