Transdermal Drug Delivery

PharmaDur® technology has unique advantages over conventional “transdermal patch and semi-solid emulsion or gel” topical drug delivery systems.  PharmaDur® and a drug are formulated as a semi-solid cream, a solution, or a gel and applied to the skin to in situ produce an invisible and imperceptible “patch”, which is self-adherent and can continuously deliver drug through the skin to achieve systemic therapeutic drug levels over the 24-hr dosing period.  The PharmaDur® transdermal system combines the benefits of both the patch technology and the topical semi-solid dosage forms while overcoming their limitations.  The key advantages consist of providing sustained therapeutic drug plasma levels while reducing the drug’s undesirable side effects and enhancing patient compliance.  Furthermore, our studies have shown the PharmaDur® polymer to act synergistically with skin penetration enhancers in maximizing the rate of transdermal drug delivery.

PharmaDur® drug formulations can be repeatedly applied over a large area of skin as necessary without damaging the skin or rubbing off. Even drugs having high therapeutic drug plasma level requirements or those with low skin permeability can be effectively delivered topically which are not now possible with conventional transdermal patches. Our studies with a specific NSAID have demonstrated the feasibility of transdermally delivering therapeutic dosage (~100 mg/day) of the drug. Due to PharmaDur’s unique structural makeup, it can deliver both hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs. Thus, the PharmaDur® technology has broad applications and can make possible the transdermal drug delivery of far more drugs than currently available by this route. 

PharmaDur® delivery system can extend the patent life of some drugs and the duration of their marketing exclusivity.

Some of the drug candidates for trandermal drug delivery with PharmaDur® include NSAIDs, testosterone, oxybutinine, phentermine, and estradiol.