Partnering Opportunities

Polytherapeutics offers licensing opportunities by product or field of use of its PharmaDur® technology.  Particularly valuable fields include transdermal drug delivery, dermatology, and ophthalmology.

We aim to forge mutually rewarding partnerships with  pharmaceutical companies to add VALUE to their products.  Formulation of existing drugs as well as new drugs with PharmaDur® can significantly improve performance of the drug when used topically at dermal or mucosal sites of the body for either local or systemic activity.  Key areas of performance enhancement include improvement in drug bioavailability, patient convenience & compliance, and safety.   PharmaDur® delivery system can extend the patent life of some drugs and the duration of their marketing exclusivity.

Polytherapeutics also offers formulation development services for dermal products, including third party clinical supplies manufacture, inconjunction with PharmaDur® licensing.

For further information about PharmaDur® licensing and partnering opportunities, please contact: